Tropical Agroforestry Articles

The Hawai‘i Island Homegrown: Start-up guide for an organic self-reliance garden

Hawaii Homegrown Start Up GuidA new publication of the Hawai‘i County Resource Center, a program of the County of Hawai‘i Department of Research and Development. This well-illustrated introduction to organic gardening on Hawai'i Island is an excellent resource for any beginning gardener. The guide includes lists of resources and web links for each topic covered.
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Nitrogen Fixing Tree Start-up Guide

Nitrogen Fixing TreeThis comprehensive 12-page guide introduces nitrogen fixing trees and their products and uses in tropical agroforestry. Extensive charts for species selection are included.
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A Guide to Orchard Alley Cropping–for fertility, mulch and soil conservation

Orchard Alley CroppingThis 10-page guide explains how the practice of alley cropping can provide an on-site resource for mulch and soil fertility. Includes step-by-step instructions on designing an alley cropping system with tree crops.
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Can I Grow a Complete Diet? Designing a Tropical Subsistence Garden

Grow a complete DietThis article presents a framework for growing a complete diet in a tropical homegarden. It includes an example species list.
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The potential of chainsaw milling outside forests

Chainsaw MillingThis comprehensive article covers developments in small-scale chainsaw milling for farms, ranches, and urban lots.
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Deep pipe irrigation

Deep pipe irrigationAn introduction to a very effective, low-tech irrigation method especially applicable to dryland environments.
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Leaves to Live By: Perennial Leaf Vegetables

trop forest 1There are numerous tropical perennial trees and shrubs with highly nutritious edible leaves. Such plants can form the foundation of a highly productive, low maintenance garden. 
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Trees on farm to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS in SSA

trop forest 2Describes how agrobiodiversity, including trees, in farming systems plays a modest but nevertheless valuable role in HIV/AIDS mitigation. by Ard Lengkeek.
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