Species Profiles for Pacific Island Agroforestry: Ecological, Economic, and Cultural Renewal

Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands is out of print. There may still be copies in used book stores in Hawai'i or at Amazon.

The Traditional Tree Initiative


A project to educate extension agents, farmers, ranchers and landowners about native and traditional trees for:

  • crop diversification
  • windbreaks
  • coastal protection
  • shelter and shade
  • soil improvement
  • water conservation
  • livestock fodder
  • woodlots
  • food security
  • and many other applications

Specialty Crops for Pacific Islands, the follow-up to Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands, is still in print

Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands: Their culture, environment, and use

Editor: Craig R. Elevitch
Hardcover - 816 pages
Full color - over 800 photographs

Format - 9" X 11" (22.8 x 27.9 cm)
Weight: 7 lb (3.2 kg)
Release date: July 2006
Publisher: Permanent Agriculture Resources
ISBN: 0970254458



download chapters (PDF) of Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands

Acacia koa
Acacia koaia
download2 MB
Agathis macrophylla Pacific kauri download540 KB
Aleurites moluccana kukui, candlenut download1 MB
Alphitonia zizyphoides toi download805 KB
Areca catechu betel nut download1 MB
Artocarpus altilis breadfruit download1.1 MB
Artocarpus camansi breadnut download700 KB
Artocarpus heterophyllus jackfruit download1 MB
Artocarpus mariannensis dugdug download820 KB
Barringtonia procera cutnut download1.1 MB
Broussonetia papyrifera paper mulberry download850 KB
Bruguiera gymnorrhiza (syn. B. gymnorhiza) large-leaf mangrove download790 KB
Calophyllum inophyllum kamani, beauty leaf download1.1 MB
Cananga odorata ylang-ylang download650 KB
Canarium indicum
Canarium harveyi
canarium nut download740 KB
Casuarina equisetifolia
Casuarina cunninghamiana
beach she-oak & river she-oak download1 MB
Citrus spp.
C. aurantifolia
C. aurantium
C. grandis
C. hystrix
C. limon
C. macroptera
C. medica
C. mitis
C. paradisi
C. reticulata
C. sinensis
Fortunella spp.
citrus species
sour orange
Kaffir lime
wild orange
sweet orange
download1.8 MB
Cocos nucifera coconut download1.8 MB
Cordia subcordata kou download1 MB
Endospermum medullosum whitewood download840 KB
Erythrina variegata coral tree download1.1 MB
Fagraea berteroana pua kenikeni download700 KB
Flueggea flexuosa poumuli download890 KB
Gliricidia sepium gliricidia download1.1 MB
Gnetum gnemon gnetum download500 KB
Hibiscus tiliaceus beach hibiscus download1 MB
Inocarpus fagifer Tahitian chestnut download870 KB
Intsia bijuga vesi download1.1 MB
Mangifera indica mango download1.0 MB
Metrosideros polymorpha 'ohi'a, ohia, ohia lehua download 2.1 MB
Metroxylon paulcoxii
M. sagu
M. salomonense
M. vitiense
M. warburgii
sago palm download1.3 MB
Morinda citrifolia noni, Indian mulberry download860 KB
Musa species banana and plantain download1.9 MB
Musa and Ensete banana and plantain cultivar overview download1.7 MB
Pandanus tectorius pandanus download2.2 MB
Pometia pinnata tava download733 KB
Pterocarpus indicus narra download767 KB
Rhizophora mangle
R. samoensis
R. racemosa
R. x harrisonii
Atlantic-East Pacific red mangroves download755 KB
Rhizophora apiculata
R. mucronata
R. stylosa
R. x annamalai
R. x lamarckii
Indo-West Pacific stilt mangroves download936 MB
Samanea saman rain tree download811 KB
Santalum yasi
S. austrocaledonicum
sandalwood download1.0 MB
Santalum ellipticum
S. freycinetianum
S. haleakalae
S. paniculatum
Hawaiian sandalwood species download948 KB
Syzygium malaccense Malay apple download648 KB
Terminalia catappa tropical almond download1.5 MB
Terminalia richii malili download813 KB
Thespesia populnea milo download1.0 MB
Tournefortia argentea beach heliotrope download708 KB

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