Project Collaborators & Coordinator

Project Collaboration Team

Dr. Travis Idol

UH Manoa Assistant Professor of Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry, will survey plant populations, tree basal area, shade levels, and supervise collection of soil samples. Dr. Idol teaches Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry, Forest Ecosystem Analysis, and Evaluation of Natural Resource Management at UH Manoa, and has a special interest in evaluating coffee agroecosystems.

Dr. J. B. Friday

UH Manoa Extension Specialist in Forestry, will monitor environmental variables, evaluate timber and non-timber products from shade trees, and conduct outreach to the forestry community. Dr. Friday's interests include tree-crop competition in agroforestry systems, economics of forestry in Hawai'i, reforestation of former agriculture lands, management of native forests for multiple uses, and economics of tree farming.

Virginia Easton Smith

UH Manoa Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, will help identify potential producer participants, develop evaluation strategies, and be in charge of outreach to the community. Ms. Easton Smith is currently the primary coffee extension agent in Hawai'i, and arguably is the most experienced in addressing coffee producer issues in Hawai'i, including plant nutrition, production, and pests and diseases.

Dr. Mark Wright

UH Manoa Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, will supervise the collection of insect pest data. Dr. Wright's interests include environmentally sound pest management options, with emphasis on tropical fruit and nut crops. He is currently working on a project to evaluate pest populations of black twig borer in coffee.

Dr. Chris Lepczyk

UH Manoa Assistant Professor of Ecosystem Management, will coordinate landowner monitoring of wildlife, including birds and mammals. Dr. Lepczyk's interests include understanding how people influence the landscape and the species present upon them. This focus stems from a life long goal of conserving and managing our natural resource heritage.

Dr. Scot C. Nelson

UH Manoa Associate Specialist (Plant Pathology), Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, will collect and analyze pest and disease data. Dr. Nelson specializes in the diagnosis and management of pests and diseases of important economic crops, and has extensive experience with coffee.

Melanie Bondera of Kanalani Ohana Farm

A certified organic coffee producer and processor. Ken Sheppard is president of Kona Coffee Farmers Association and a coffee producer and processor. Denver Leaman of 'Ohi'a Forest Farm grows coffee in the shade of native 'ohi'a lehua forest. Melanie, Ken, and Denver are advising on project design and implementation, and are participating coffee agroforestry producers.

Project Coordinator

Craig Elevitch

An agroforestry specialist. Since 1989, he has worked in agroforestry design, management, and education. His projects focus on multipurpose trees that have economic, environmental, and cultural significance. His books include:

  1. Agroforestry Guides for Pacific Islands (2000),
  2. Growing Koa: A Hawaiian Legacy Tree (2003),
  3. Traditional Trees of Pacific Islands: Their Culture, Environment, and Use (2006),
  4. Noni: The Complete Guide for Consumers and Growers (2006), and
  5. Pathways to Abundant Gardens: A Pictorial Guide to Successful Organic Growing (2007).