The 2-day "Creative Agroforestry for Home, Farm, and Community Landscapes" workshop was held at Anaina Hou Community Park on April 25-26, 2015. Fifty-five participants attended the lively workshop, which consisted of a series of presentations by eight presenters, followed by a day of field tours of agroforestry sites in the Kilauea area. Participants included landscapers, agricultural professionals, agricultural extension, community planners, farmers, ranchers, and homeowners.

The workshop began by honoring the wisdom and traditions of native Hawaiians, as expressed through agroforestry practices and ecological stewardship. The Hawaiian experience was placed within the larger context of Pacific islander agroforestry, each culture with its distinctive mix of species, yet repeating a consistent theme. Principles of integrated pest management and its application in agroforestry systems was explored. The University of Hawai’i’s ongoing research into cost-effective organic soil amendments with recommendations on their use was also covered. A primer was offered on proper planting, establishment, and pruning of fruit trees. Livestock can be a valuable addition to agroforestry systems, and some of the most popular choices for Hawai'i were presented. How we plan for, implement, and perpetuate agroforestry landscapes in private and public spaces is essential to their success, and example stories and suggestions were given. Discussion circles, led by the workshop presenters, allowed participants to explore their area of interest further. Visits to three contrasting field sites revealed the challenges and opportunities inherent to working agroforestry systems.

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  • Fifty-five participants including landscapers, farmers, extension agents, and homeowners attended the workshop at Anaina Hou Community Park in Kilauea, Kauai.
  • Presenters (left to right): Paul Massey, Bino Castelo, Craig Elevitch, Amjad Ahmad, Milan Rupert, Talia Abrams, Colleen Carroll, and Hector Valenzuela. Not pictured: Matt Stevenson.
  • Presenters gave a talk plus had one-on-one conversations with participants during a one hour breakout session. Here, Hector Valenzuela covers concepts in natural pest and disease control.
  • An ono vegetarian lunch prepared from local ingredients was catered by Natalie Urminska.
  • Bino Castelo led tours of the agroforestry landscapes at Kaua'i Mini Golf & Botanical Garden.
  • Kaua'i Mini Golf & Botanical Garden takes visitors on a journey through indigenous, culturally significant, and introduced flora.
  • Bino introduces participants to the wauke (paper mulberry) patch at Kaua'i Mini Golf.
  • Paul Massey (back to camera) leads participants in a tour of Kaua'i Food Forest.
  • Mark Olson leads a group of participants through the Kaua'i Food Forest.
  • Sun Hadley leads the tour of One Song Farm, which promotes "Genuine Sustainability."
  • Sun Hadley guided participants through a young agroforest at One Song Farm.
  • Chuck Estin explains the pond system and legacy agroforestry systems at One Song Farm.

Speakers included

The field tours were presented by

  • Sun Hadley Owner, One Song Farm  
  • Bino Castelo, Botanical Manager, Kaua'i Mini Golf
  • Paul Massey Director, Regenerations Botanical Garden and Kaua'i Food Forest  
  • Mark Olson, Rob Cruz, Krista Ruchaber, Nicolai Barca, and Aroshn Gudbrandsen, Kaua'i Food Forest


Workshop organizers

The workshop was organized by Regenerations International Botanical Garden and Hawai‘i Homegrown Food Network and hosted by Anaina Hou Community Park adjacent to Kauai Mini Golf & Botanical Gardens. Additional support was contributed by many individuals and the Kauai Food Forest and Agroforestry Net

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Project sponsors

This project is carried out in collaboration with Hawai‘i Homegrown Food Network with sponsorship of the USDA Western Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education program.

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Contact information

Craig Elevitch
Permanent Agriculture Resources
PO Box 428
Holualoa, Hawaii 96725 USA